What Is Oz Experience Backpacker Travel?

Our Story

Oz Experience is owned and operated by Greyhound Australia. In 1993 Oz Experience commenced operation as a guided backpacker tour with dedicated buses and guides taking travellers off the beaten track. Over the years the company had numerous leaderships with different ideas and changes made over time. In October 2011, Greyhound Australia took over Oz Experience and in March 2013, Greyhound Australia changed the model of Oz Experience packages from its own backpacker bus and re-positioned it as the ‘Free independent, Youth, Adventure traveller’ Package brand.

Owned by Greyhound Australia

Our Packages

Oz Experience offers our customers cost-effective packages which bundle flexible hop on and off travel on Greyhound Australia’s luxury coaches with like minded tours and adventures. Our customers have total flexibility with their package; you are able to travel on any of Greyhound Australia’s timetabled services, where on the east coast between Melbourne and Cairns there are multiple daily departures available. Our Packages are all inclusive pricing – there are no local payments or hidden costs.

Why Travel with Oz Experience

  • Total flexibility to choose where and when you want to travel
  • Quality experiences sourced and hand picked for our customers
  • Included travel is on Greyhound’s luxury coaches
  • Greyhound offers multiple daily departures on the East Coast, between Melbourne and Cairns and daily departures in almost all other areas
  • Great package rates include awesome youth tours and experiences in one neat package!

Our Partners

The tours we include in our packages are provided to our customers by partners of Greyhound Australia. Our partners are excellent tour providers in their individual fields and pride themselves on providing quality experiences for youth travellers.

Oz Experience provides unforgettable adventures