Oz Experience Frequently Asked Questions


What’s included?

Hop on, hop off transport on Greyhound Australia’s national coach network, awesome tours and activities along the way

So the price does not include food or accommodation?

To give you the flexibility you want, we don’t include accommodation or food. You can search and book your own accommodation with individual properties or you can buy a pre-paid hostel voucher booklet that gives you a certain number of nights with Base, Nomads or YHA. Using this pass you purchase the nights at a reduced rates and book direct with the hostel as you travel.

If no accommodation is included, do I have to book accommodation in advance?

Accommodation is all up to you. We suggest that you book your accommodation at least 2 days before arrival to each place, to ensure you have somewhere to sleep.

You can buy a pre-paid hostel voucher booklet that gives you a certain number of nights with Base, Nomads or YHA. Using this pass you purchase the nights at a reduced rates and book direct with the hostel as you travel.

How often does the bus leave? Where can I get a Timetable from?

Greyhound offers multiple departures every day between Sydney and Cairns and daily departures in almost other areas. For full timetables, check out our timetable page.

Will I always travel with the same group?

No. You’ll end up with different groups throughout your trip, but hey, you get to meet loads of great people this way! If you do make a group of mates along the way and would like to keep travelling together, we can book your travel all together.

What is the luggage limit?

For coach travel, 1 x 20kgs backpack or suitcase can go in the luggage hold of the coach. Onboard you can take a small backpack or carry on bag that will fit under the seat or in the overhead compartment.

What is the allowed time to complete a trip?

This is up to you, from the day you buy your package you have 12 months to start your travel. Then from the first date of travel you have 6 months to finish..

Do I have to be able to swim to do the Surf lesson?

No, but it helps! You will learn to surf in water where you can always stand up. You will be accompanied by an accredited surf instructor with full first aid qualifications.

How far in advance should I book on and off buses?

It is a good idea to be as organised as possible so you can allow enough time to get off the bus and spend time doing the things you want. We suggest booking at least 2 days prior to travel to confirm your seat. If you leave it till the day of travel or the day before it really depends if there are seats available.

How do I book on the bus and get off the bus?

You can book back on and off the bus by calling 1300 300 028 or by re-booking online. You will be sent an online username and password when you make a booking. Using the online system is the most convenient and time efficient method for re-booking. You can book individual sectors and see real time availability for each bus.

Can I take my surfboard on the vehicles with me?

Yes, so long as there is enough space. Normally the luggage limit is 20kg. We can’t guarantee the space, but we make every effort to accommodate people like you with a surfboard. The best thing to do is advise Reservations by phone that you will be bringing a surfboard before you start travelling and when you book on the bus for each sector of your travels. Your board can be up to 2m in length and it must be packed in damage absorbent material. Boogie Board’s are fine, they just need to be packed in a sturdy, protective bag.

How much money will I need when I am travelling?

It depends on how long and where you are travelling and also on what optional activities you might wish to do. Backpacker hostel dorm accommodation averages approximately AUD$25 a night (more peak times and depending on the location). Depending on your appetite you might spend up to AUD$20 a day on food.

Are there ATMs along the way?

There are ATMs in all towns in Australia. Larger towns will have currency exchange offices.

I've run out of time to complete my package, can I get a refund?

No, we will not issue a refund in such circumstances. Click here for the full terms and conditions for your ticket.

OK, but can I give my pass to a friend to use?

No, your package is non-transferrable to another person. The package has been purchased by you, registered in your name and cannot be used by anyone else.
We also suggest that you do not purchased or accept an unused pass from anyone else. We need this policy because people have been known to use other people’s stolen passes. If we ask for identification you need to prove the pass is yours.
Also don’t buy a half-used package from someone else.

Can I transfer the un-used value of my package for use on Kiwi and Feejee Experience. You’re the same company after all, aren’t you?

It used to be the case when Oz Experience was under previous ownership. Oz Experience is now wholly owned by Greyhound Australia and we are not affiliated with Kiwi and Fiji Experience. Because of the different owners, it is no longer possible to transfer un-used value of passes.

What happens if I miss my bus, in the morning?

Please call us to book the make arrangements for the next available bus. You will be required to pay for a sector of travel that you have missed because we have held a seat on a service that you did not travel on.

If you’d still like to hear more contact us:
Toll free: 1300 300 028
Phone: +612 9297 7000
Email: info@ozexperience.com