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Alternate Travel

There are many options for how you travel Australia and in New Zealand. You can share your trip with like minded travellers by getting a bus pass such as ours in Australia or with Stray Travel in New Zealand; or you can opt to go around by yourself in a campervan in either country.

Along with travelling you’d certainly like to book activities to get the most out of your holidays while you take an alternative way through these beautiful countries; so for your convenience we have selected a couple of companies that meets our standards who will definitely take you on the right direction:


jucy-campervans-t.jpg If you still haven’t seen enough of Australia and want to discover even more beautiful hidden spots of this vast country, rent yourself a Jucy! The bright orange vehicles are fun, easy to drive and have more useful features than a campervan. Click here to read more about Jucy campervans.


New Zealand If you don’t want to drive yourself, a great alternative to travel New Zealand with a package tour. No matter how long you have in New Zealand, you will have an amazing time - meeting great people from all over the world and discovering the real New Zealand off the beaten track. Find out more by clicking here.


Greyhound Australia See all of Australia with Greyhound Australia. Book express specials or plan your own trips with flexible bus passes online. Click here to read more.