How Does Oz Experience Work?


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All of our Packages are valid for travel in one direction between two pre-selected destinations. Once you have purchased your package it is then up to you to plan and book your trip!

Packages include a range of tours, experience and accommodation that you need to factor in to your trip time and planning. Our online booking system can help you book your itinerary and see what stops you need to be at to do your included tours.

Our Online Booking System

Our online booking system lets you search and book bus times as well as book dates for tours.

To login:

  1. Go to the ‘MANAGE’ page (located at the top right hand corner of this website)
  2. Enter your Reference Number and PIN

Your PIN is a 4 digit number that you had to enter before purchasing online. If you don’t have a pin, contact us to get one.

Once you’ve logged in:

You will see the tours that you have included in your package and be given the option to add travel as well as book in the dates for the tours. At the end you will be able to print your itinerary to take with you.

When you're ready to book your travel, you'll need to know:

  1. The date you want to travel
  2. Where you want to travel from and to
  3. You will then be able to select the bus time that suits your plans best and confirm it on the spot

What if I don’t want to book online?

You can call, email or visit us at one of our Travel Centres. Our staff can help you plan your trip in great detail as well as book your bus trips, tour dates and even help you with the online booking system for next time.

The best thing is that they can talk to you and give you ideas on what else you might want to see and do! They’ll even help you plan and book it!


  • The most popular times to travel is during Summer (December - March)
  • If you are booking your travel to be in a city in time for a tour, always make sure you book your bus seat with us to arrive at least the day before your tour is booked
  • It is your responsibility to book your seat on the bus. They are NOT booked automatically
  • We run a Winter schedule between April and September 2013 period. More information is available here

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