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Oz Experience are different to your average travel crew.  We are not a group tour company or tour guide operator. We offer flexible travel pass packages that allows you the freedom to plan your own Aussie adventure with a bundle of essential highlights to experience along the way.


All of our packages include flexible hop on and off travel on Greyhound Australia' coaches plus a selection of must-see inclusions to stop off at along the way.  We carefully handpick these highlights to show off Australia's best spots to give you the Aussie adventure of a lifetime.


We all travel for different reasons and we understand that you want to see Australia your own way.  With Oz Experience you have an unforgettable journey waiting with the freedom and flexibility to also see what you want, when you want.


Check out our range of packages below by selecting the area of Australia you are ready to discover.

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Our interactive map is super handy. Create your bucket list at the click of a button and see what package is right for you. It's super cool. To use our interactive map you will have to jump onto a desktop computer where it works best.


We’re pretty sure you’ve been very busy working a second job to save up for your big adventure, you’re focused, you’re motivated, you’re doing everything in your power to make sure your aussie adventure is the trip of a lifetime. So now it’s time to put together your bucket list. Here is your bible, your aussie destination shrine. Read on to learn about each tropical, sparse, cultural, magical, blissful, plentiful and down right wonderful aussie destination. You’re welcome.


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