Terms & Conditions

Effective: 20th December 2016


1.1 You must be 18 years or older to purchase an Oz Experience package

1.2 Your first date of travel must be booked and travel begun within 12 months from the date of purchase

1.3 Once your first leg of travel is booked you have six (6) months to complete your travel. You can extend your validity for a further six months’ travel, giving you 12 months to complete your journey

1.4 All prices and inclusions are subject to change without notice

1.5 Travel insurance is NOT included in the cost of an Oz Experience package and it is highly recommended that you purchase your own

1.6 To the extent permitted by law, all implied terms or warranties, whether statutory or otherwise, are excluded in relation to the services provided by Oz Experience under these Terms and Conditions. The Australian Consumer Law provides consumers with a number of protections and Consumer Guarantees which cannot be excluded or limited (Consumer Guarantees). These terms and conditions are to be read subject to those Consumer Guarantees. Where there is a minor service failure, we may at our option, provide the services again or offer you a refund. Where there is a major service failure, you can elect either to cancel the services and obtain a refund or request a replacement service.

1.7 The Consumer Guarantees referred to in clause 1.6 do not apply to and we do not accept liability for, service failures relating to the transport of goods for the purposes of a consumer’s business, trade, profession or occupation. Where our services are not acquired for personal, domestic or household purposes, we limit our liability for failure to comply with the Consumer Guarantees to supplying the services again or paying the costs of having the services supplied again




2.1.1 Packages are not transferrable to another person

2.1.2 For packages purchased where no travel or tours have been booked a $200 cancellation fee applies

2.1.3 Package upgrades and extensions are non-refundable

2.1.4 There will be no refund if:

a) the package has expired

b) a date has been booked for travel or tours and you do not turn up (failed to load)

c) you change your mind or there is a change in financial situation meaning you cannot travel

d) you (the customer) have redeemed part of the package, or

e) the personal details on the booking do not match the person requesting the refund

2.1.5 If a refund is required once a travel date has been booked for a tour within your package, the following cancellation fees apply;

a) Cancelled less than 7 days prior to departure – No refund

b) Cancelled more than 7 days prior to departure – 25% cancellation fee

2.2 In the event of delay, curtailment or alteration of a trip, due to an event beyond our control (including severe weather conditions or mechanical failure), we will use our best endeavors to move you to an alternative date. If this is not suitable we will refund the full discounted purchase price for the tour as part of the total package price



2.4 Tour Only bookings are subject to the following cancellation fees:

No refund:

a) If Cancelled less than 7 days prior to departure

b) If you fail to turn up on the day booked and/or failed to notify the Supplier of any changes prior to intended travel day, or

c) If a booking is changed and subsequently cancelled

Refund available:

d) If the booking was open-dated and then cancelled – 25% cancellation fee

e) If the booking is cancelled more than 7 days prior to the intended date of travel – 50% cancellation fee

2.5 All refunds will be processed back to the customer in the same manner the booking was originally purchased



3.1 The tours included are specified in the package inclusions, and will vary depending on which package is purchased

3.2 Tours and inclusions are subject to change at any time, where this affects our customers’ existing bookings we will provide an alternative to equal or greater value

3.3 The tours are operated by external companies who are partners of Oz Experience. They are not operated by Oz Experience or Greyhound Australia

3.4 Itineraries may vary and/or attractions substituted due to seasonal conditions, or traditional owner and national park requirements as advised by each operator

3.5 During peak seasons, which include but not limited to Australian Summer and Easter, tours fill up very quickly. We suggest that you book your tour dates well in advance - in most places a minimum of 3 weeks or more prior to your preferred travel date is recommended, to avoid disappointment

3.6 You will need to reconfirm each tour booking direct with the tour operator. Contact details can be found on your ticket

3.7 It is your responsibility to ensure you are booked on a Greyhound coach to arrive at the destinations required for each tour



4.1 A tour only purchase is classed as any tour, experience, activity or accommodation product that we sell as an agent on behalf of a supplier

4.2 Tour only bookings are booked on your behalf with other service providers and are not operated by Oz Experience

4.3 You acknowledge and agree that we act as an agent only in respect of such bookings and that our obligation is to make bookings on your behalf and to arrange relevant contracts between you and the service providers and that those bookings are subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant service provider

4.4 We have no responsibility for any activities conducted in respect of any Tour Bookings nor do we make or give any warranty or representation regarding their standard.

4.5 All bookings are made on your behalf subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by these service providers. Your legal recourse for those services is against the specific provider and not us. If for any reason (excluding fault by us) any service provider is unable to provide the services for which you have contracted, your remedy lies against that provider and not with us



5.1 Package includes unlimited Hop-On Hop-Off travel on Greyhound Australia coaches in one direction only. No back tracking is allowed

5.2 Coach Travel included is operated by Greyhound Australia and trips are available according to their standard terms and conditions of travel

5.3 You are required to book each coach trip in advance to ensure you have a seat on your preferred service

5.4 We recommend you book your coach trip in advance. This can be done by making your booking online, visiting a Greyhound Australia Travel Centre or calling 1300 300 028. Oz Experience and Greyhound Australia do not accept any liability if you are unable to get a seat on your preferred service

5.5 During peak seasons, which include but not limited to Australian Summer and Easter, coaches fill up very quickly. We suggest that you book your travel date well in advance to avoid disappointment

5.6 Greyhound Australia reserves the right to refuse carriage if you do not comply with their minimum dress standard (a shirt, skirt/pants/trousers and footwear) or if they believe you to be intoxicated by alcohol and/or drugs. Refer to their full Terms and Conditions.



6.1 All baggage, including carry-on baggage, is the sole responsibility of the passenger as Greyhound Australia accepts no responsibility, and shall not be liable, for theft, loss or damage to any passenger’s baggage due to events beyond our control whilst in a Greyhound Travel Centre, on a Greyhound vehicle, in transit or otherwise in Greyhound Australia’s possession or control. This clause is subject to the Consumer Guarantees referred to in clause 1.5 and the exclusions of liability referred to in clause 1.6

6.2 Passengers are advised to carry all personal items with you, on your person, while disembarking at meal, rest and other stops

6.3 You are entitled to 2 pieces of standard sized baggage and 1 item of carry-on baggage up to 8kgs. Each piece of baggage can weigh no more than 20kg

6.4 Additional baggage allowance and any oversized extras, such as a bike or surfboard, can be purchased directly from Greyhound Australia. Visit our Travel Add-ons page for more details on extra baggage options


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