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Why is Melbourne consistently ranked one of the most liveable cities in the world? Maybe it’s because you can wander down one of Melbourne’s many laneways and catch an awesome band at a hidden underground music venue, on any day of the week. It might be because you can check out historical buildings dating back 250 plus years right in the heart of the city. Or maybe it’s because you can sit back, drink in hand, and spend the afternoon watching world-class sport in some of the best venues in Australia. Whatever gets you going during the day, after the sun goes down, we’re all looking for the same thing - the best pubs, bars and clubs on offer in this amazing city.

Now here’s our disclaimer: Melbourne is absolutely packed full of must-see nightspots and venues but in this blog we take a look at some of our favourites that won’t break the bank.

The Joint Backpackers Bar

Just down the road from the iconic Flinders Street Station Is The Joint Bar. Head there during the day and you can perch up on the balcony with a cold drink, catch some sun whilst overlooking Elizabeth Street below. On any given night the bar transforms into a club and lures in both backpackers and locals with a cheap drinks and an ‘open til late’ mentality. The Joint is a great place to meet fellow backpackers, make some friends, and get the latest info on where to go and what to see.

Turf Bar

Are you feeling torn? You love to travel and can’t get enough of the backpacker life but you also crave the odd reminder of home every now and then? Well let us introduce you to the Turf Bar. The self-proclaimed premier sports bar of the city is your best bet to catch sport streamed live from around the world from NBA and NFL to EPL, cricket and special events. Set in a traditional pub, The Turf Bar will let you keep up with your favourite team and give you that little taste of home you’ve been looking for.

Crown Melbourne

Now we know this blog is highlighting the best Melbourne nightspots that won’t break the bank but the Crown definitely has potential to send you home early with your tail between your legs. Melbourne’s premier casino is a great spot to take in the city by night even if you stay away from the black jack and roulette. The casino is HUGE and home to 2 nightclubs and up to 18 awesome bars. A trip to Crown is a great excuse to dress up for the night, mingle with Melbourne’s elite and try your hand at taking home a few extra dollars. Our tip is to set a budget for the night and stick to it or you might find yourself sitting out tomorrow’s tour to recoup some cash while everyone else is off having a good time. You’ve been warned.

The Chaise Lounge

Nightclubs don’t usually fall into the ‘not breaking the bank’ category with most requiring a small bank loan to buy a round of drinks for you and your friends. But fear not fellow clubbers, Friday nights at The Chaise Lounge may be the exception. For four hours on a Friday evening you can enjoy one of Melbourne’s premier boutique club venues with food and drink that won’t leave you penniless.

The Exford Hotel

If historic pubs and beers on tap are your thing then head down to the Exford Hotel on Russell Street. It’s these kinds of old-world pubs and hotels that are becoming rarer and rarer particularly in major new-world cities, so it’s well worth the trip. Grab a pint, take a set at the bar and talk nonsense with the bartender just like they used to do 100 years ago.

Ask any Melburnian what their favourite club, pub or bar is and you’re almost certain to get a different answer each time. Ranging from well-known beacons drawing in hundreds of tourists to tiny, hole-in-the-wall, back alley bars that only a local would know. Our top tip is to get out and explore Melbourne by night yourself, you never know, you might just uncover your new favourite haunt.

Check out more about Melbourne and start planning your adventure today!

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