Go Pro Tips For Backpackers

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You’ll see a lot in your travels down under, from stunning seasides and golden beaches to endless stretches of nothingness across the Outback. As much as you’ll try to soak it all in, the moments will escape you. Luckily, there’s a way to relive them. GoPros are the perfect travel buddy for backpackers, helping you capture your action-packed adventure as it happens without weighing you down in gear. But before you set out to tackle Australia with your GoPro, get familiar with these 5 essential travel tips!

  1. Practice Before You GoPro
    Like any new device, this one takes a little getting used to. Rather than wasting your precious travel time figuring it all out, practice using your GoPro before you jet set. Focus specifically on learning how to navigate options as quickly as possible so you don’t miss out on capturing that spur of the moment photo. Also play around with the default settings to make sure they’re to your liking.
  2. Get The Right Mount
    When you’re riding that wave, climbing that mountain or petting that kangaroo, the last thing you’ll have time for is fiddling with your GoPro. Luckily, there’s a mount for every kind of activity you could dream of, from hiking and surfing to running through the woods. But if you’re backpacking, you can’t go past the Peak Design, which lets you turn your backpack strap into a mount!
  3. Master The Fisheye
    GoPros are known for their fisheye effect, thanks to their wide angle lens. This makes it the perfect selfie-taking device as you can capture so much of your background at just an arms length. To master the fisheye selfie, practice taking some in Time Lapse mode with an interval of 0.5 seconds. This will automatically shoot a tonne of photos so you can experiment with your poses, angles and positioning.
  4. Stock Up On Spare Batteries & Memory Cards
    At most, your GoPro will last about 90 minutes of intense use before needing to recharge, and if you’re climbing Mount Kosciuszko or walking up the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you’ll need a lot more filming time than that. Avoid disappointment by carrying extra batteries with you at all times (rechargeable ones would save you time and money in the long run) and grab some more memory cards while you’re at it.
  5. Capture Emotion With Your GoPro
    Where it’s a quick snap or a time-lapse, capturing emotion on your GoPro comes down to zeroing in on the context of the environment. Film the locals, the animals, the signage, the soil. It’s these finer details that will help your GoPro videos reveal the spirit of Australia.

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