Tips For The Perfect Selfie

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Let’s be honest - One of the great pleasures of travelling is awkwardly asking strangers to take your photo and whilst we don’t want to deny you of this joy, we understand that it’s 2016 and you’d rather just take a selfie. Lucky for you, there’s no need to rely on the kindness of strangers to capture your adventures (or your best side). Once you master the art of taking the perfect travel selfies, the only one you’ll need to rely on is yourself.

So grab your phone or your camera and get ready to meet your best self selfie with these 10 tips. 

  1. Practice Your Pose 
    Nothing ruins a travel selfie quicker than an unflattering pose. Practice yours by standing in front of a mirror and turning your shoulders and head to the left and right to see which side you prefer. Don’t forget to also experiment with different smiles and expressions to seal the pose.
  2. Chin Down, Camera Up
    Although the camera angle debate is as old or young as selfies themselves, the general consensus is holding the camera a bit higher than face level is more flattering. Paired with pointing your chin down and tilting your head on a slight angle, your features will appear more streamlined.
  3. Extend Your Neck
    Have you ever seen a picture of a kangaroo with a double chin? There’s good reason for that and it comes down to how they extend their necks. If you’re fearful of the double chin selfie, avoid it by extending your neck. This accentuates your jaw line and makes your chin look nice and tight.
  4. Let There Be Light
    Light can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to taking selfies. Fortunately, natural light is always most flattering and there’s plenty of it in Australia! As a general rule, avoid fluorescent lighting and carry a white napkin or paper towel with you at all times so that if you experience low-lighting conditions, you can hold it near your face to neutralize your camera flash.
  5. Look At Yourself
    Because you’re beautiful. But also, it’s just the best default place to look.
  6. Put Yourself In The Corner
    When you find the perfect background like the Sydney Opera House or a field of wild kangaroo, take a break from the spotlight and position yourself in the one of the corners of the frame. This will leave more room for the scenery.
  7. Use A Timer - Travel Fact Of Life
    The time will inevitably come when your hand gets tired of taking a million selfies. When it does, discontinue holding your arm up immediately and set a self-timer. This also comes in handy for taking group photos or capturing a really wide landscape. Set the timer for long enough that you can steady your hand and strike a pose.
  8. Use Other Body Parts
    Don’t feel constricted to only taking photos of your face. Let your hands or feet literally stand in and tell the story.
  9. Use An App To Edit
    Did a blemish ruin your otherwise perfect selfie? Try a re-touching app like Perfect 365, which can do everything from removing dark circles under your eyes to deepening your tan (not that you’ll need to with all of the beaches down under!)
  10. Take A Million
    The perfect selfie doesn’t always happen on the first take. To be safe, take a bunch. Take a hundred. Or a thousand. With those odds, there’s got to be one in there that you like.

Once you’ve finished practicing taking the perfect selfie, it’s time to put your skills to the test. Book your Aussie adventure today so you can get the camera rolling!



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