5 (Pretty Much) Free Things You Need to Do in Australia


Young girls waiting for a wave in the surf 

Let's be honest, when backpacking, we’re pretty always on a budget and while everyone wants to do the amazing paid attractions, sometimes the good old’ wallet just doesn’t come to the party. But, that's ok, because a trip Down Under would not be complete without doing these things anyway and the best thing about them, they are pretty much all free!

So, when planning your Oz Experience, make sure you add in these quirky must-do’ into your itinerary!

Try Vegemite Toast

Vegemite on toast

You’ll either love it or you’ll hate it, but it’s worth a try! TIP: go easy on the vegemite to butter ratio to start - it’s no Nutella!

Watch The Sunrise from The Byron Bay Lighthouse

Sunrise over Byron Bay lighthouse

Sure, the sunrises every day, but have you ever seen the sun rise off the most easterly point of Australia? Perched on top of a cliff, overlooking the deep ocean channel that is often occupied with wildlife, such as whales, dolphins and turtles, the lighthouse is THE place to witness the start of a new day.

When you are here, make sure you sit back and take a moment to appreciate what an amazing world we live in!

Get Selfie with A Kangaroo at Australia Zoo

Couple having fun jumping like Kangaroos

If there is one staple image that every traveller needs to capture on their trip Down Under, it’s the famous kangaroo selfie. Don’t forget to tag us #OzExperience.

Learn to Surf On the Gold Coast

Learning to surf on the Gold Coast

So, it turns out that standing up on a surfboard isn’t as easy as the pro’s make it look. It’s actually hard AF! BUT, don’t let that discourage you, to give it a go. At the least, you’ll get an epic workout and spend the day in the ocean - win win!

Swim with The Fairies in Noosa

Fairy Pools Noosa

By this we mean swim in the fairy pools, not ‘actual’ fairies, SOZ! Located in Noosa’ national park you will find a group of rock pools that are the perfect swimming spot! Just make sure you take note of the tides, this place is best visited in low tide!

Watch The Sunset at Castle Hill, Townsville

Castle Hill Townsville

While exercise may not be your favourite thing to do, a Castle Hill sunset is well worth the hike. TIP: Bring the camera!

Drink Goon On Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach

OK, so Goon isn’t free, but it’s pretty cheap and Airlie beach is probably one of THE best places to party along the east coast. Not to mention the AMAZING beaches, ocean and islands just off its coast that you’ll get to enjoy while you are here! Just remember, always drink responsibly!

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