Exploring Brisbane By Night

In previous blogs we’ve covered the best nightspots in Sydney and we’ve also taken a look at our top tips for a night out in Melbourne. In the interest of fairness and to round out our top 3 capital cities, in this blog we list our must-dos when exploring Brisbane after dark.

Live Music In The Valley

Fortitude Valley is like a playground for adults after the sun goes down. Packed full of clubs, pubs, hole in the wall venues and live music spots, the Valley is a mecca for locals and tourists well into the night (and more often than not into the next morning). Like many major cities and their night-time precincts, the Valley has cleaned up it’s act over the last decade or so with reliable public transport in and out, well-lit areas and everything from grungy bars to up-market venues. Perfect for unwinding over a few drinks after a day of exploring.

Rooftop Bars

What once were unused spaces have become some of the hottest spots in Brisbane to take in the sunset over the skyline or the city lights after dark. Spread across the City, any one of Brisbane’s roof top bars is a must-do during your night out. Our tip is Eleven on Ann Street, if there’s a better place to enjoy a drink while at the same time taking in a spectacular view then we don’t know about it!

Climb The Story Bridge

Story Bridge lit up at night

While we’re on the subject of spectacular views, one of Brisbane’s most popular attractions, the Story Bridge offers night climbs! Running right by the City, the Story Bridge climb is a bit of a must-do in general but to have the opportunity to climb after dark is once in a lifetime. At a maximum height of almost 75 metres, at least with climbing at night looking down might not be so terrifying.

Cocktails Along Eagle Street Pier

The iconic Eagle Street Pier comes alive after dark. Jam-packed with famous restaurants, bars and more casual dining options, the Pier is the perfect spot to enjoy cocktails with a view. Our tip is to climb the Story Bridge and then sit back and admire your accomplishment from one of Eagle Street Pier’s multi-million dollar vantage points. Not staying in the City? Jump on a CityCat rather than a taxi and take in the view from an entirely different angle.

Comedy at the Powerhouse

The Brisbane River at night

Who doesn’t love a bit of home-grown comedy on a Friday night? And what’s even better, it’s free! The Powerhouse is home to everything from live music and exhibitions to stage shows and stand up comedy. About 10 minutes from Fortitude Valley, the Powerhouse is well worth a look if you want to escape the hustle and the bustle and see a different side of Brisbane.

There’s no shortage of entertainment or experiences on offer in Brisbane no matter what time of day but there’s something special about the city after dark. Whether you’re looking for a night out traipsing from vibrant venue to venue in the Valley, a more upmarket dinner in the City or a night of comedy and culture at the Powerhouse, Brisbane is your new must-see destination. Start planning your next adventure today with Oz Experience today!

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