Your 24 Hour Itinerary for Melbourne

When backpacking in Australia, there may be times you find yourself in one place for a very short period of time and while 'chilling out' and catching up on your laundry can be a productive time passer, Melbourne is not the city to do that in.

Known as the culture (and coffee), capital of Australia, Melbourne is one city that needs to be explored, and for good reason. Weather you are the ultimate hipster, art enthusiast, shopaholic, beach lover or just looking to have a good time, Melbs, has what you need. So, we’ve put together a 24 hour itinerary so you can tick the 'MUST-DO’S' off your bucket-list before you head to your next destination!


If you love coffee, then you are going to LOVE Melbourne's’ coffee scene! In a place where the terms 'Starbucks' and 'Costa' are taboo, start your day the right way with a REAL Victorian coffee from one of the hundreds of quirky boutique coffee shops. You’ll find a bunch of these located in the famous laneways that are across Melbourne’s CBD. Melbourne’s Laneways are coated in jaw dropping street art which are painted regularly by both local and internationally renowned street artists. Make sure you have your phone or camera with you - a selfie is a requirement.

Melbourne laneways


Take the tram from St Kilda Road and head south to the beach for a sea side bite to eat! While Melbourne is commonly remembered for its street art (which is amazing), it’s beaches are equally as stunning and definitely deserve a visit.

While you are here, check out the infamous Brighton Bath Boxes and soak up that fresh sea breeze.

St Kilda

EVENING - Dinner and Drinks Along South Bank

Once you’ve recharged those batteries relaxing by the sea, it’s time to get yourself back into the city and check out some of Melbourne's lively cocktail bars. Southbank is one of our favourite spots as you have a heaps of places to choose from, there is ALWAYS a fun, upbeat vibe and the views of the river offers the perfect backdrop to your Instagram snap. Whether you stay in one bar, or decided to do a bit of a pub crawl, Southback is sure to keep you busy for a while!

Melbourne at sunset

LATE EVENING - Drink All The Cocktails And Dance The Night Away

Still going? Well done! For some this is an achievement, but in Melbourne, late nights are a way of life! If you're looking for a good party vibe the Casino, located just down from Southbank, has a number of bars and nightclubs to satisfy all tastes. NOTE: There is a dress code for the Casino, so if you’re still ‘repping’ your Chuck Taylors, your best bet would be heading back to the Laneways and exploring the undergroud bars there - These are just as epic BTW!

Melbourne skyline at night

Here for Longer?

If you get the chance to go to an AFL (Australian Football League) game at the MCG while you are in town - DO IT! AFL in Melbourne, is like Football at Old Trafford in Manchester. IT GOES OFF!

Other things to do in Melbourne include:

  • DFO shopping: DFO in Melbourne is like outlet shopping on steroids. Get all of your travel gifts here, or just treat yo’self to a sick new outfit.

  • Explore the botanic gardens - Perfect for a picnic where you can 'lax' out (and nurse that hangover).

  • Go to a show - Get immersed in the art culture with the number of different shows on across the city!

  • Check out the Queen Victoria Markets

Still not sure what to do in Melbourne, or how to get around? Our Melbourne City Tour is the perfect add on to your experience!

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