10 Tips For Travelling Australia On A Budget

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One of the most common thing we hear from backpackers, is 'how expensive Australia is,' and, while this may be true, when comparing to travelling around Asia, we'd be damned if we didn't share with you a few tips and tricks to save you some money! So, here are our top 10 tips for travelling Australia on a budget!

#1 Make the Most of Happy Hour

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Why pay full price for drinks, when you can get them for half price, right?! In addition to happy hour, if you are going out for dinner, check out the local pubs and bars on their social media or websites as a lot of them have deals for each day. E.G. Monday, buy one get one half price meals, etc.

#2 Don't Eat Out All of The Time

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Sure, while travelling, takeaways are often the easiest option when it comes to eating. But, if you are budget (and waist line) conscious, try buying your food from the local Coles Supermarket. You will also find that supermarkets are a lot cheaper when you are in big cities, so if you're heading to the outback, it may pay to stock up in advance.

#3 Get On Groupon

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And, all of those other online discount sites. These can help you save a lot of money when it comes to booking all of those activities you've dreamed of doing Down Under.

#4 Ask for Group Discounts

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This one isn't always a guarantee, but, travelling in groups does have its benefits, one of which is often group booking discounts. If you don't ask, you don't get, right!?

#5 Venture Off the Beaten Track

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You are bound to have those big-ticket bucket list items you want to do while you are in Australia. But, for the rest, speak to the locals and find out where all of the hidden gems locations are located. No matter where you visit there will be so many FREE and incredible things to see and explore!

#6 Treasure Experiences Over Material Things

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Souvenirs are overrated. But, seriously, who needs a key ring and a t-shirt from every place you go to. Instead of loading up your suitcase with crap you can probably buy online, save your wallet and your luggage weight and focus on creating memories.

#7 Plan Your Travels Around Off Peak or Off-Season Times

Plan your travel on off season

Now, off peak/ off season usually relates to the Summer vs Winter months (as most people tend to travel in Australia in Summer). But, you also need to consider big events, such as the up and coming Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. If you are travelling to attend these events, great, if not, it may pay to plan your trip to avoid them.

#8 Be Flexible

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If you are really budget savvy, then sometimes you will need to up and change your plans at the last minute. This doesn't mean not to plan, it simply means learn how to go with the flow.

#9 Do Your Research

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A bit of an obvious one, but you'll want to shoot yourself in the foot if you book an experience without scouting around for deals and discounts. It may be tempting to jump the gun and book something straight away, but take a few minutes and do some research. Your wallet will thank you for it.

#10 Where You Can, Catch An Overnight Coach

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It may not fit into everyone's itinerary, but if you get an opportunity to catch an overnight coach, TAKE IT! Not only do you save money, as you don't have to pay for accommodation for that night, you save yourself time!

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