23 Reasons Why 2018 is The Year to Travel Australia

Backpacker taking in the beach views from a cliff

As if you needed 23 reasons, but just to be sure you realise how truly EPIC Australia is, here is our list.

#1 - There are Over 10,000 Beaches Here

Coodge Beach, Sydney, Australia

If you’re about that beach life, you’re in the right place with over 10,000 beaches and 47 kilometres of coastline, we’re pretty sure we’ll have you sorted.

#2 - And Over 8000 Islands to Explore

And if you want to visit an island everyday, it would take you over 21 years. Talk about #TravelGoals.

#3 - We Have Swimming Pools in Our Oceans

Bondi Icebergs, Sydney Australia

We love to swim, and we love the ocean, but if you have a fear of sharks, you can still get that fresh salty beach hair by swimming in our many infinity ocean pools.

#4 - There Are More Kangaroos Than People In Australia

Kangaroo Crossing Sign

#5 - Two Words, TIM TAMS

If you haven’t tried a Tim Tam, you haven’t lived. Double Coat are DA BOMB!

#6 - When Life Gets Rough, Lake McKenzie Is Waiting For Us

Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island, Australia

When someone mentions, freshwater lakes, crystal clear water and island life, you just say YES!

#7 - You Actually Get Paid Alright Here

Planning a working holiday? You can get yourself a job working in a bar and earn around $30 an hour in some places! See ya later £5 an hour hospitality!

#8 - Liam Hemsworth Was Born Here

And he lives in Byron Bay… but he is married. BOO.

#9 - And So Was His Brother Chris Hemsworth

Unfortunately for Australia, this one still lives in the US, but it gives us hope that his distant relatives with his good genes are floating around somewhere Down Under!

#10 - We Have a Shit Load Of Public Holidays

Giving you plenty of time to explore more of our amazing country!

#11 - There’s No Such Thing as Winter

Unless you want there to be. If you hate the cool weather, Queensland and the Northern Territory are the place to be at Winter as they sit at an average twenty something degrees!

#12 - You Can Get High in Nimbin

Trees in Nimbin

You didn't hear it from us, but we’re pretty sure there is some extracurricular activities going on in that town. Everyone has the peace sign tattooed on them?!

#13 - You Need to Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

If this isn’t #TravelGoals we don’t know what is!

#14 - Climbing Uluru Is Going to Be Banned in 2019

The Outback, Northern Territory, Australia

Yes, you read correctly. So, if climbing Uluru is on your bucket list - you better get in quick!

#15 - You Can Go Camel Back Riding On the Beach

Camel riding, Cable Beach, Australia

Did you know that Australia has MORE camels than Egypt? True story!

#16 - There is A Pool Shaped as A Penis In Cairns

Backpacking in Oz? When you find yourself in Cairns, books yourself in for a night (or more if you’re keen to party hard), at Gilligan's Hostel and take a dip in their 'special' pool.

#17 - Coffee is Better Here

Melbourne in particular is well known for its fine brew!

#18 - We Have the World's Best Sunrises and Sunsets

Well, we recon anyway! Whether you watch it from a bar in Sydney's Harbour, or at the lighthouse in Byron (the most easterly point of Australia), they are a stunner!

#19 - We Invented Wi-Fi

So, we’re pretty smart!

#20 - We Also Invented The GOON sack!

If you are not familiar with this kind if fine wine, you’ll be educated as soon as you step foot in any Aussie backpackers.

#21 - You Can Eat Kangaroo AND Crocodile

Australian Crocs

You’ll either love it or you’ll hate it but it has to be tried!

#22 - We’re The Official Home of The UGG Boot

Australian Ugg Boots

Not that you need them as it’s hot AF here, but they make a great Prezzie to send home.

#23 - You Can Apply For A Working Holiday Visa

With the list above, what are you waiting for? Why travel when you can work and travel (and stay longer)! NB: Soz, but we cannot assist with Visas. For all Visa queries head to Immigration Australia.

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