Visas, Travel Insurance, and Working in Australia - All you need to know

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Travelling to, or around Australia, or, thinking of working Down Under for a year? If you are not an Australian citizen (i.e. Hold an Australian Passport), then here is some key information you should be across before planning your big adventure!

Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Australia?

Unless you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen, you will need to apply for a visa before you arrive in Australia. Kiwis can apply for their' on entry at no cost*. There are a range of different types of visa' you can apply for such as a tourist visa, working holiday etc. and you can apply for these at your nearest Australian Embassy or consulate to find out about all of these visa' head to the Australian Department of Immigration website.

What Visa Should I Apply For?

The visa you apply for will depend on what you are coming to Australia for, how long you intend to say in Australia and will depend on your nationality.

eVisitor (subclass 651)

This is a free visa for multiple visits to Australia for holiday/ visits or business purposes for up to three months at a time within a 12-month period. This visa is available to passport holders however it cannot be extended.

Electronic Travel Authority visa (subclass 601)

This visa allows you to visit Australia as many times as you want, for up to a year, where you can stay for three months each visit. For this visa, there is no visa application charge, however a $20 service charge applies for online applications only.

Visitor visa (subclass 600)

The Visitor visa is for people who are not eligible for the eVisitor or Electronic Travel Authority visa. This visa allows you to visit Australia, either for tourism or business purposes, for up to three, six or 12 months. The base application fee for this visa ranges from $135 to $340.

To find out more information regarding the different types of Visas, visit the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

Working in Australia

If you are planning on working or doing a working holiday stint in Australia there are two different visa options depending on your nationality as listed below.

Working Holiday visa (Subclass 417)

For applicants with a passport from Belgium, Canada, Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan and United Kingdom.

Work and Holiday visa (Subclass 462)

For applicants with a passport from Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, People's Republic of China, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, USA and Uruguay.

Before you arrive in Australia, if you are planning to work there are a few thing you may wish to start looking into, and organising, these include:

  • A Tax File Number (TFN). You are required to have a TFN for an employment to fulfil your tax obligation.
  • An Australian Bank Account - There are a number of banks to choose from.
  • A current Resume - So you are ready to apply for jobs as soon as you arrive.

NB: With Australia's work visas, there are limitations for the time period you can work for one business - This is usually six months. So, it pays to keep your resume up to date.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is one of those expenses that can be annoying to pay out of your travel savings, but so essential when travelling. The easiest way to take care of this is when booking your trip as you wanted to be covered from the minute you jump on a plane to Australia till you land back at home.

This information is current as of February 2018. When looking for further information and legal advice in regard to applying for Visas contact the Australian Department of Immigration.

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